Maribor city

Clay bottle, replica

Bottle from 15. -16. century, excavated on Vrbanska cesta in Maribor.

Material, technique, dimensions: fired clay, bottle shaped on a potter's wheel. Height: 21.5 cm.

Original kept by: Provincial Museum Maribor, inv. no. N 7438.

Replica made in Ozara doo, number of replicas: 200, made: February 2009.



The fired clay bottle has a belly-shaped body and a long narrow neck that is widened at the mouth and triangularly shaped into a funnel. A simple wavy ornament is engraved on the hull. The bottle is classified as pottery, which is the oldest type of ceramics. In addition to blacksmithing, pottery is one of the oldest crafts. The Maribor pottery workshops were a craft fraternity, a guild connected as early as 1602, but they existed much earlier.